Bauerschmidt Films

Your specialized film manufacturer in Thuringia, Germany

This project is funded on the basis of the guidelines of the Free State of Thuringia from state funds and funds from the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF-OP 2014-2020).

The Bauerschmidt Group is your specialist for the development, production, and printing of high-quality plastic films in Thuringia. With the experience of over 30 years, we manufacture our products in the third generation and have bundled all our knowledge and skills in a state-of-the-art production plant at the company headquarters in Floh-Seligenthal, Germany.

Here we manufacture a wide range of products for customers in Germany and other European countries – flat and tubular films as well as bags, sacks and rectangular shrink hoods made of LDPE, HDPE, Coex and special “Birbalin” film. Therefore, we can solve your packaging problem with the appropriate quality film.

Your protective shield for important things.

More about our company

"Every beginning needs an idea, one that is different from others, a visionary one – nurtured by wisdom, hope and dreams. Ours has become a reality – a modern company in our hometown, where we produce films of the highest quality – recyclable, environmentally friendly and sustainable. But we desire more: Films made from plants, ones that after use degrade to dust, this is part of our larger idea. That is why we have created our Bio Film. Standing still is simply not an option for us."

Company philosophy of the Bauerschmidt Group

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Bauerschmidtpresents itself

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Facts and figuresthat matter

Sustainable film production is not just a fad for us

We want to keep improving as a group, while at the same time assuming responsibility for the environment and society. Therefore, our entire process chain is considered under the aspects of sustainability, climate, and environmental protection. We increasingly use renewable raw materials and focus on sustainable, energy-saving, and durable solutions from factory planning to the manufacturing of our film products as well as their transportation to our customers, thus saving our resources and gradually improving our environmental footprint.

In-house recycling and material recovery

through recycling CO2 saved in our environmental balance sheet

certified quality in raw material, product, and process

Our productsand films

Here you can get everything from the roll

The Bauerschmidt Group does not provide you with off-the-shelf products. Instead, we offer the desired film product for each customer on a roll – individually, tailored to requirements and quantities in the reliable quality that you can expect with every order.

Industriesand applications

Films for your individual areas of application

Let us be part of your business success! With our innovative products and customized film solutions, you get high-quality films to give your products the protection they need so that they reach your customers cleanly, safely and without damage. No matter what industry you are in.

We know what matters when it comes to packing and have the perfect packaging film to suit your product – whether it is small and delicate, fresh and aroma guaranteed or for heavyweights worthy of protection.

Our production

Our film production combines quality and flexibility

Challenge us – from small batches to volume products. Because of our high depth of production, we are flexible and able to react to the individual wishes of our customers. This is what distinguishes us in the Bauerschmidt Group as a medium-sized company.

More about our production

"We score high with our great flexibility throughout the entire manufacturing process. This makes us a powerful and attractive business partner for our customers."

Giovanni Schiller, Technical Manager