Our History

Our Successes As A Medium-Sized Foil Manufacturer

The history of the Bauerschmidt Group dates back to 1949, when Walter Bauerschmidt, an independent carpenter founded his carpentry business. In the mid-1960s, the tireless entrepreneur took advantage of the new opportunities offered by the emergence of plastics thus discovering a new market for his own products. In 1968, he and his employees processed the first films. Based on this tradition, the company has developed and is now successfully managed in the third generation.


30 Successful Years of Business

30 years of Horst Bauerschmidt KG. The success story continues.


Planning of "Solar Invest" Projects

Planning and installation of a photovoltaic system to save CO2 by using the company’s own electricity, as well as e-charging stations for customers, suppliers, and employees to promote hybrid and e-mobility.


A Quarter of a Century of History Is Written

25th Anniversary of Bauerschmidt Kunststoff GmbH.


Innovation Meets Tradition

Commissioning of a driver-less transport system with automated final packaging line.


Production Expansion

The company moves to a new production building, designed, and built according to the latest technical standards in factory planning, and with an integrated employee area that provides a comfortable atmosphere.


„Green Invest“

Commissioning of environmentally friendly cooling technology for system cooling with an outdoor cooler and conversion to LED lighting.



Expansion of the warehouse and the outdoor storage area. Commissioning of a new, servo-controlled 2nd generation flexographic printing press.



Expansion of the business premises with additional office space.


Print Shop

Expansion of the production hall for a print shop. Acquisition and commissioning of the first flexographic printing press.


Bauerschmidt Kunststoff GmbH

Founding of Bauerschmidt Kunststoff GmbH, combined with the construction of a new production hall for film extrusion.


Construction of a New Building

The first new factory building is erected in the industrial park “Tonäcker” in Struth-Helmershof.


Re-privatization with New Production Profile

Horst Bauerschmidt, returns the company to private ownership and revises the entire production profile. A new era begins with the company’s own film production. The first bag machine is purchased and commissioned.


State Ownership

of the Company Walter Bauerschmidt


First film products

The business activity is expanded to include the processing and manufacturing of films.



Production is switched to thermoplastic and dura-plastic products.



Walter Bauerschmidt, once a self-employed carpenter, establishes carpentry business in 1949.

More About Us

A Solid Foundation for Sustainable Success

We have the know-how for your idea. A know-how that has grown over decades and has therefore become an integral part of our company tradition. This is because all our successes are based on our know-how, our passion for film and our ambition to turn your demanding ideas into film products each and every time. We are grateful for them.

They are our stable company foundation. We handle these with care, and step by step plan the next developments for the future. Together with you, a successful future.