Sustainability in Film Production

Standing Still Is Never an Option For Us

With our high-quality products and coordinated production processes, sustainability, climate, and environmental protection are of particular importance. We measure ourselves by this.

We are constantly improving our environmental performance – by using regenerates, reducing the thickness of our products, using bioplastics, and implementing comprehensive energy-saving measures throughout the company. We produce in a modern structural and technical environment. This results in film products that are all biodegradable and groundwater neutral.

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In-House Development of Innovative Materials

We are never satisfied with ourselves – in order for you to be satisfied with us. That’s why we also explore extraordinary approaches. Biofilm manufacturing is one of them. Recyclable and biodegradable materials are the future in film production. Therefore, we continue to diligently develop innovative films.

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Consistent Use of Recycled Materials

We process production waste – and reintroduce it into the production cycle as secondary raw materials. In this way, we handle our resources efficiently and responsibly. We do this for the sake of the environment, for cost-conscious management, and in the interest of our customers.

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Thickness Reduced Film Production

With the Birbalin special quality, we reduce the film thickness by up to 50% – while maintaining the same stability and strength. This saves valuable raw materials, energy, and CO2 emissions, but also packaging and logistics costs. And you, the customer, also save, because a lower film thickness is reflected in a fair price.

Effective Energy Savings in Production and Administration

To heat all buildings, we use the technological waste heat, benefit from free cooling of the system technology and have equipped the office and production areas with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting. We are currently planning a photovoltaic system to generate our own electricity.

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Our Contributions to Efficiency and Sustainability

Everything we are doing; is to conserve the resources we use and continuously improve our corporate environmental footprint.

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What Else Makes Us Special

Reliable As a Producer and Partner

The Bauerschmidt Group stands for reliability – as a valued corporate partner in the industry and a fair employer in the region, as a pioneering driver of innovative solutions in films and an advocate of sustainable resource-saving processes.

We are firmly rooted here in our home state of Thuringia. Therefore, it is a matter close to the heart of our entrepreneurial family to engage in charitable activities and to make a contribution here as a matter of course: for local clubs, for sports, for social institutions and initiatives.