Our product range

Our film products – as diverse as your requirements

Protecting your products starts with the right film packaging. We are your specialist and partner for tailor-made films to solve your packaging problem: high-quality, functional, economical, and as diverse as your requirements.

The consistently high-quality standards of our products and a high level of customer satisfaction result from long-standing relationships with suppliers of raw materials and a spirit of partnership that we always maintain. Constant readiness to deliver, high-quality raw materials and the development of new material formulations for resource-saving use complete our daily tasks, so that you are satisfied with us. In this way, we also create
your individual product from PE granulates.

Your protective shield for important things.

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Flat bag

and flat sack

Bottom gusset bag

and bottom gusseted sack

Shipping bag

with straight or slanted flap

Stand-up bottom bag / sack

and block bottom bag / sack

Side gusseted bag

and side gusseted sack

Block edge bag

and block edge sack

Bottom seam bag

with single and double bottom seam

Garment protection bag

made of film material

Y-rectangle shrink hood

made of film material

Cover hood

made of film material

Furniture cover

made of film material

Custom film

customized material

Flat film

customized material

Semi-tubular film

customized material

Gusseted tube

customized material

Double layer flat film

customized material

Holed film

customized material

Pinned film

customized material

Perforated film

customized material

Blanked film

customized material

Our materials and in-house products

We have the right material for your packaging

Our products include films made of LD, HD, 3-layer co-extrusion, high-quality polyethylene films of the “Birbalin” quality brand and regenerated films. All films are provided with Recy, Green Dot, Interseroh mark and license number on request. We also offer films made from renewable raw materials and bio-granulates in all dimensions and designs.

We guarantee a pollutant-free production of the films, which are also 100 percent recyclable, and the return of film waste to the raw material cycle by means of a re-granulation system.