Regenerate from Recycling Material

Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials

Technologically related production waste is processed in our company according to type. The recycled material obtained in this way (regranulate) is returned to the production process as a secondary raw material as required. In this way, we deal responsibly with the material we use and the energy we consume. By doing so, we recognize the value of our raw material resources.

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This is how we optimize our operations:We save in terms of our resources, but not in place of quality.

Our material use per year

4 % of which is technologically related waste (300 t).

Material recycling

We regranulate/recycle internally and return it to production.

Approx. savings per year

2.5 t CO2 per ton of raw material used in our granulate production.

Distance traveled by a diesel car

Corresponds to our savings compared to a diesel car emitting 0.180 kg CO2/km.

Our annual CO2 savings from Birbalin are thereby equivalent to almost 105 trips around the world in a diesel car.

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